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5 reasons to choose a small wedding venue & hotel

Planning your destination wedding requires taking decisions based not only on your dream wedding but on many other factors. How do you know which venue size is best for you? I´ll share with you 5 reasons for you to consider having your wedding on a smaller venue & hotel:

Connect. If you have fewer guests and wish that everyone hangs out and connects with each other a smaller venue might be for you. Even if you have more guests that stay outside the property, they can always come in the daytime to hang out.

Distance. If you are staying in the same location as your wedding ceremony, and this location is on the smaller side, it will only take a few steps to get from point a to point B, avoiding extra heat, sweat, time and energy.

Time. Everything takes less time; getting to the ceremony location, moving around for the wedding pictures session, vendors set up, etc. meaning more time to relax and even some extra alone time with your new husband or wife, you will most likely want.

Privacy. Smaller venues have less probability to have external persons walking around or watching, making your event more private. And hopefully it might be the case that you and your group are the only guests in the hotel!

Tropical backdrop. Most smaller hotels in the area have lots of palm trees and tropical plants beautifully curated with their own style decorations, giving you lots of gorgeous settings for wedding pictures. Who doesn't love a tropical jungle background?



BRIDE Amelia

⁣VENUE Ahau Tulum




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