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Do I need an anti frizz treatment for my hair?

⁣⁣It is well known that getting your hair styled at the beach is quite a challenge. The humidity levels are way high and the heat makes you sweat more than usual. ⁣⁣


When choosing to have a beach wedding, many brides wonder… should I have an anti frizz treatment done to my hair before the wedding day? ⁣⁣

I would answer this question mainly depending on two things: Is your hair getting a little frizzy as the day goes on would be something that takes away your peace of mind? Do you normally have frizzy hair even in dry weather?

If you answered yes to one or both questions, I would recommend trying an anti frizz chemical treatment. The 3 main types are: straightening treatment (the strongest but most chemical), a hair rebonding, or a keratin treatment (with a softer effect and also known as Brazilian blowout).

Ask your local hairstylist what would he/she suggest and for further assistance don’t hesitate to contact me or book a courtesy Zoom appointment with me, I will be happy to help!



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