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  • Sandy

Effortless Look

The perfect bridal look is the one in which you will feel your prettiest, the one that you have always dreamed of, the one that meets your regular style and your fancy style and the one that balances with the aesthetics of all the wedding details.

More and more brides look for the effortless look, especially at a beach wedding. Nailing an effortless look for your wedding day requires playing with all the elements involved. Your dress must have a fabric that allows it to look flowy and soft, your flower bouquet should look organic and have a soft shape, your makeup should be natural and glowy and your hair should look as if you just put it up casually and look amazing (although we know it takes hours to look like that lol).

If you feel clueless about which look you want, remember I'm offering courtesy video call consultations, I will love to further advice and help you find the look of your dreams!






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