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How much time for pictures before the ceremony?

Wedding pictures are a wonderful way to keep all the memories of your special day. Depending on the couples’ preference, there are lots of photography styles to choose from. But how much time do you want to spend on taking pictures?

After hundreds of weddings I’ve noticed that if you invest a slot of time from your wedding day in pictures, it’s most likely you will have your dream photograph to print and hang on your house or just to share with your loved ones. Making time for pictures is something maybe you (or most likely your husband to be) won’t be thrilled about, but once done you’ll be 100% all about enjoying and partying!

Now, how much time should you book before the ceremony? It depends on many factors like if you are having (or not) a first look with your fiance, dad or friends, whether you are having “getting ready” pictures with your girls or close family, or maybe just some portraits of yourself. You can discuss this with your photographer.

Either way, make sure to be ready at least 30 minutes before the pictures begin so you have enough time to put on any accessories, go to freshen up, or just as a buffer time. Remember, on a wedding day, we always want the extra time, as time flies by with all the excitement.



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