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  • Sandy

How to choose inspiration pictures? TIP #2

"Look for facial features similar to yours in makeup inspo pictures"

When you are scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest you might see lots of makeup looks you love and wish to wear, but not all of them will look the same on you. A great advice for choosing a makeup look is to choose pictures of ladies that have very similar facial features as you.

This is really helpful especially on eye makeup. A makeup on an almond-protruding eye shape will display all the eyeshadow colors on the mobile eyelid vs. a hooded-monolid eye which hides the mobile monolid completely.

The first step would be identifying your eye and face shape. Then I would suggest searching for a celebrity with the same shapes and begin to get inspired.

To watch the video explanation of this advice, I invite you to visit my Instagram Reel HERE.



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