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  • Sandy

How to choose inspiration pictures? TIP #3

“Think about the time & location of your event before you get inspired.”

Having your hair and makeup done for a morning event is not the same as getting ready for a concert night out. For daytime events I suggest toning the makeup down and using lighter shades for example a baby smokey eye (aka. smokey eye done with light shades) or using fake eyelashes with less volume. Remember the more light hitting your face, the more the details will show and the more harsh the makeup will look. For evening events starting since daytime you can always have a mini makeup change like darker lip shade and/or a darker smokey eye.

The location of your event will help you best consider things like the hairstyle and makeup textures. Wearing gloss and messy hair in a windy location will stick your wispy hairs to the gloss and mess up the hair. If your event is inside with AC, you can get away with almost every look. If you are moving around too much (from location A to location B for example) or getting lots of hugs, consider wearing your hair up or at least swept to one side. Skin makeup to be worn on outside events with humid weather that starts with a very dewy skin will not look great after a few hours of sweat and heat.

And before you get upset and start giving up on your dream look, remember every single look is customizable to your own style, skin/hair type, lifestyle, event conditions and aesthetic. Bring all the inspo and your MUAH (aka. makeup and hair artist) should take care of meeting you in the middle to create a beautiful AND functional look.



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