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  • Sandy

How to secure my veil to my head?

You decided to wear a veil, matched its style and length with your wedding dress, and even thought of the perfect hairstyle to match. But what would be the best way to secure the veil to your head?

This is a question I think many few people make themselves because they assume that the veil manufacturers have already figured it out. But this is not always the case. The most common way is to use a comb; but the kind of comb is the key.

There are plastic and metal combs with wide and very close together teeth; this works best for all down hairstyles or those hairstyles that involve very few bobby pins. The wide teeth give the grip for the veil to stay put longest.

There are also metal combs with thinner teeth which are also wider apart and are even bendable. This is the best for updos and other hairstyles involving more bobby pins. The narrow teeth allow the comb to go all the way through the booby pins and into the hairstyle allowing the veil to fall perfectly over the hairstyle with the necessary grip to make it stay.

If you have any questions about your veil comb please feel free to contact me!



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