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Pros & cons of matte lip color

As professional MUAHs (makeup and hair artists) we always carry a variety of options for our clients. In the case of lips we can say there are three main products we offer: lip gloss, lipstick and liquid matte lip color. The three of them are applied with our own special techniques like mixing products, using lip liner, or some other more, but still there are always pros and cons for each product. In this post we are going to focus on matte lip color or liquid lipstick.

Let’s talk about the pros and the magic. The pigment that the liquid lipsticks offer is just amazing when talking about bright colors. There is definitely no other product or technique that beats the long lasting effect. The formula offers a perfect precision to outline the lips. And last but not least, this product doesn’t transfer (very important when kissing is involved).

Now the reality… the cons. The most annoying one: it has a super dry texture and feeling. I know this depends on the brand and many ladies don’t have this problem back home, but trust me, I have tested this in many different places with different weather and for some reason on hot humid tropical weather, this formula is even dryer. Also this product doesn’t stick well on very moist areas so it might fall from the middle of the lips as the day goes by. Keep in mind the formula is made to break down with oil so if you eat or drink anything oily and if it touches your lips, lip color will fall from contact.

So as a conclusion, my advice would be the same as many other hair or makeup look dilemmas, if taking care or putting energy into taking care of this will cause you stress, just forget about it and we’ll find an easier solution!...But if it’s the other way around and not looking perfect will cause you stress, begin to train yourself to take care of your lip color!

Start using matte lip color everyday so you can get used to the texture and feeling. Very soon you’ll find yourself coming out with your own techniques to avoid food touching your lips and you not licking or smudging your lips. If you find a color or brand you love, make sure to bring it to your makeup appointment. And last but not least, if you are a bride to be, practice kissing your partner for the I do moment, this will help a lot!

My favorite vegan brands:



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