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  • Sandy

Take your natural makeup to the next level

With more than 9 years of experience in destination weddings and having clients from different nationalities and cultures I have noticed one common factor in brides: most of them wish to have natural makeup on their wedding day.

If you ask me this is a good choice because who doesn't want a timeless bridal look which will take away any regrets. What is a natural makeup is a question with a whole different story because everyone’s natural version is different but I have a tip for you to elevate your natural makeup look regardless of the version.

Use fake eyelashes! Lashes can be short or long, full or flare, with lots of volume or not, strip or cluster pieces. Pick black lashes and mascara for a more defined look. If you are not using lashes and if you are very blond or want a very natural look pick dark brown mascara. If you look into the mirror and feel you need to add something, try adding some individuals, you´ll see how it makes the difference.





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