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The last hour of the getting ready

The most common former bride thought: “I wish I would’ve had more time to get ready and avoid feeling rushed.” Giving enough time for the getting ready moment sounds or may seem as a waste of time but picture this:

You are just one hour away from the time you are supposed to be ready and suddenly you remember you need time to put on boob tape or some spanx, or maybe you suddenly want to go to the restroom. It happens a lot that with the rush of the moment you misplace something you need and you are looking everywhere for it.

As time goes by suddenly all your bridesmaids and bridal party arrive, flowers, photographers and other vendors keep knocking the door; maybe a child begins crying, the time to go out the room gets closer and closer and triggers start to come out as you are normally never in this kind of situation.

Allowing enough time will give you space to get centered and kind of reboot yourself to enter the flow and grateful state of mind. And because we love all the extra help we can get, you could also always plan ahead. To help you with this, I created a list of possible situations that may happen in the last hour of your getting ready so you can take the respective precautions:

Door knocks every 5 minutes... assign a person to help with this.

Wanting to suddenly use the WC... allow 15 extra minutes to the day timeline.

Someone forgot their dress... assign a friend to make a list of things to bring to the brides room.

Everything is running half hour late... start the days timeline 30 minutes earlier.

Flowers didn’t came out as expected... accept that not everything will go as expected and this is ok, nobody will know.

Someone brings a gift or card that makes you cry of happiness... book gift opening before your makeup appointment.

Lipstick for touch ups gets lost... make sure to have a bridal kit.

We ran out of water to drink...assign a friend in charge of water, booze and food.

Room service took ages so food hasn't arrived...the friend assigned for food can order food for you at least 2 hours before your H&M appointment.

Buttoning the dress is taking more time than expected...allow extra 15 minutes if your dress is complicated to button up, maybe make a video of how to do it to help the person assigned for this.

A baby starts crying out loud...ask your friends with anticipation to keep babies and little kids out of the room.

Someone spills champagne and broken glass gets everywhere...start champagne time later or just keep some towels handy.

You get anxiety...allowing yourself some alone time while getting ready will help you relax and get a break from everyone if needed, they will understand.

To be continued...



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