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  • Sandy

Train yourself not to touch your hair

We all have done it. There may be multiple reasons why, but generally we play with our hair when we find ourselves in a situation that makes us feel anxious or nervous: being close to an attractive person, waiting for a job interview, or for the lovely brides to be, waiting for the ceremony entrance moment, just to name a few.

Now, having your hair done professionally is something that you would normally just do for an important event and it involves investing money, time and other resources. Not to mention it will be captured on your bridal pictures forever (in case of the bride to be ladies out there).

Touching and playing with your hair WILL make the hairstyle fall faster. But don't you worry, I am here to help you avoid this, you just have to retrain yourself and voila!

Begin by making yourself conscious of when and how you touch your hair and instead of trying not to do it, retrain your brain with different touching movements. For example, instead of running your fingers through an area of your hair, use your index and thumb finger tips to gently massage this area with very short movements.

For the people who’s #1 hair touching tic is to bring the face framing hair pieces to the back of their ears try holding ½ inch2 or 1cm2right on top of your ear with your index and thumb finger tips and just slide your finger tips around your ear to the back vs. picking up all the loose hair from the hairline area and taking all of it behind your ear.

Another very common movement when having hair down or half down is to move the hair down around. You may move it all to the back, then all to the front from both sides and suddenly all just to one side. Retrain yourself to think about the hairstyle as a complete unit. Choose where you want your hair to sit so you keep it there at least until the reception starts. Remember, this is not your everyday hairstyle, this is not supposed to move around as if you were in a convertible having fun with Alicia Silverstone in the “Crazy” music video.

Why does this help? The less you touch your hair, the less friction and the less product removed with your hands so the hair will not be weighed down. Also your hands are naturally a little oily and moist, which makes hair lose its shape faster.

I know this may sound overwhelming but if you start right now, you will make this a habit sooner than you think! And when you look back to your wedding pictures you will be happy you invested time on this. If this was helpful, share it with your loved ones! If you need advice on replacing other hair touching tics let me know I’m always happy to give advice!



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