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  • Sandy

Why is it important to invest in a trial run?

As professionals we will make everything we can to recreate the exact look of your dreams, but sometimes because of your skin & hair type/shape additional steps or some tweaks will be required. Having a trial helps in many ways but one of them is to plan ahead of time so we can achieve the perfect look on the big day!

It's also very helpful to see yourself with the actual look rather than seeing pictures of the hair and makeup on someone else. The look will require some adjustments to make it your own, for example adding some soft pieces of hair in the front to add softness, reposition a pony higher or lower, adding some color or even lashes to a natural makeup, among many others.

Another important reason why a trial run helps a lot is that once we nail the bridal look on the trial, on the wedding day you can feel relaxed and trust that we can perform any look for you. This ease of nerves will make the day flow easier and make you feel much more relaxed.

If for any reason you decide not to book a trial run, I highly suggest to write all the questions you might have and then either send them by email or book a videocall pre-wedding consultation to make sure we are both on the same page and to give you a sense of peace.



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