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Why use "By Sandy Mendez" for your wedding day?

Hi! My name is Sandy, thanks for coming to my webpage it means a lot to me and hopefully it will be useful for you!

I have been doing hair and makeup for quite some years now and not only that. I have worked with lots of agencies, hotels and people with different nationalities, cultures and preferences. I have been assistant to master artists, have been a junior artist, have assisted to lots of workshops and then finally had the luck to become a master artist myself. I have learn tons not only from all the variety of clients but from all the other artists and vendors I have worked for and worked with.

I have learn what to do and what not to do, and will never stop learning. But I can assure you this: after at least 1,000 weddings: I got your back! I really want all this experience to pay back so if you have any type of question about weddings I might just have the answer that may help! So just let me know!

If you let us, we will be honored to be part of your special day! Our main goal is to offer the best version of ourselves as artists and as service providers. We use the best brands of products and carry enough variations to fit all skin and hair types and colors. We will organize every detail and have ongoing communication. We will make sure to find the right makeup and hairstyle that fits all your other wedding details and wedding dreams and plan to make it all work out!

Our goal is to make you feel beautiful, supported and loved!


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